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Young Hunter, Lost Son

I want to dedicate this to Jay, Brielle, and Mama CP.  You’ll understand why when you read.


"Wait, what?"

Dwight’s head lifted at the sound of Wes’s exasperated and slightly panicked tone as his voice rose into the cell phone pressed to his ear.  The sophomore raised an eyebrow at his friend who just shook his head and turned around.  "No…No, listen to me Danny don’t you dare…I don’t care what they said, don’t let it…Put it down Abbot.  No, I am dead serious, put it…You know what, screw this, I’m coming over.  Don’t even try to tell me not to Danny because it’s too late, I’ll be there in five,” and then Wes was heading out the door, leaving Dwight alone in the Windsor common room.

Well that didn’t sound good, the younger boy thought as he closed the book that he had been reading on medieval demonic activity in the United Kingdom, trying to find if there might be some connection between demons and the psychotic behavior of his housemates.  Danny was having trouble?  Why?  Dwight figured after the whole ordeal with Adam the boy would be better.  Sighing, he went to his laptop and pulled up Google.  Maybe he could help the Hanover…


Someone was making some kind of noise.  Danny’s brow furrowed and it went silent in the darkness of his room for a moment.  When he was sure he had just been hearing something, his features went slack once more and he rolled over onto his side, hand outstretched and he felt fabric, and a warm form next to him.  Forcing his heavy eyes open he saw that it was just Wes.  That’s right, Wes had come over and stayed.

Another noise and the Hanover bolted up in bed, Wes not even stirring since  he had learned to sleep through anything during his time in Windsor.  Looking around the room in the darkness Danny rasped out a “Who’s there?” wincing when it hurt his soar throat from crying earlier.

Slowly, a head popped up over the foot of his bed and a hand came up to give a little wave.  "Hi Danny."

Danny blinked a few times to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.  "Dwight?  What…what are you doing in here?”

"I found something online that said sometimes, when you start getting really depressed and you want to hurt yourself that it is usually demons attacking you.  I came to reinforce your room, but I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Turning on the light on his bedside table, Danny saw that there were runes drawn onto the walls and a few circles with pentagrams in the circles on the floor by his doors and windows.  He turned to stand up and Dwight lunged forward.  "Careful!"  Looking down, the Hanover saw a salt line going around his bed.  "I was just setting it down and then I’ll be out of your way."

"Dwight…why are you doing this?" Danny asked, blinking rapidly.  He should be annoyed, most people would be to have a hyperactive demon hunting Windsor sneaking into their room in the dead of night to draw all over the walls and floors and spread salt all over, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

"Because, you shouldn’t feel this way after you survived what Adam did to you.  You’re special Danny.  Not everyone could have made it through that,” Dwight said, standing and walking over to the boy’s side.  "So, I’m gonna give you a hand."

Danny didn’t know what to say, just stared at the boy for a moment before Dwight reached into his pocket and pulled out an amulet.  "Here, put this on.  It’ll probably do more than the salt lines and devil’s traps.”

Dwight went back to work and Danny and he chatted quietly so as not to wake Wes.  Danny grew tired, feeling something inside that he hadn’t felt in a very long time, and that he had only felt when he was with Wes before.  He felt the comfort of knowing he had a family, a real family who cared.  His eyes dropped closed without him even realizing it while Dwight talked about how to properly ward off a demon versus vampires and werewolves. 

When the younger boy noticed that Danny had stopped answering a while ago he looked up and found the junior had fallen asleep and smiled.  Putting the salt container on the nightstand with a note to refresh the lines whenever necessary, the young hunter made his way back out, closing the door behind him.  He’d be back to make sure the protections were holding up, just in case.

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